As you can see in yhis photo here is another EQ CLOUD over semnan, it is not the first time in this last months that i see those clouds over there,and as you can see on Dr.Shou site some people and radio said that in semnan they saw strange springs with sulfur smell, and it is a sign too. I can say that we will have an Earhtquake there but the time of it is unknown and I dont know how much strong it will be but it will not a small quake,And about time I will tell you later.I must say again that I cant tell where the center of quake(epicenter) will be bot it will be near too semnan province.
In this photo we can see another unnormal clouds over caspian sea again, I'm not sure about it but may be we have some other active fualts there too.we will talk about this later.


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