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EQ CLOUD over northeast of iran (july.29.2004)

As you can see in the photo there is an EQ cloud over northeast of iran somwhere around east of golestan or northwest of khorasan province and over caspian sea. Another one sawn about two weeks ago a little souther over semnan province. It means that an earthquake will happen in next few days,weeks or maximum in three months, the epicenter may be not exactly where the clouds are in the photo, but it will be very close to last few days we got some shakes in center line of iran from south to north. like 3M in bandar abbas, 3.5M in fereydoon shahr and 3.6 in north of rudbar. and the last over 4M quake will return to 7 days ago (july,22,2004) in bam, the quake was around 4.1M (said tehran university) or 4.6M( as USGS said).

Introducing myself

I've create this weblog for publishing my earthquake and weather forecasts. I must thank chinese doctor Dr.shou beacuase at first I learned how to predict an eartquake from him and here is his site and his predictions:
I predict earthquakes mostly from EQ clouds just like what he is doing.
And here is a link for an indian predictor, he predict earthquakes from sunlight.
I've worked on my own predictions way for a long time now and from its accuracy I thought that now is the time to publishing it.
It's start of my public work so my EQ predictions is just for Iran now. but surely I will predict more later.

I've worked on this since Iwas child, and i think my own ways of weather forecasting is special in my work. Now it's summer and maybe the forecasting is not a hard work, but after summer you will se m longterm and shortterm forecasts and you will see that it will work!.

Wish that my site will help…