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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big signs of forthcoming ICE AGE in about 20 years

Global Warming is what everyone recently are talking about it, that polar ices will melt, sea levels will rise, rains and hurricanes will become more powerful and blah blah blah.

But recent search of scientists shows that this global warming will lead to an Ice Age in just about 20 years, looking for the reasons? here we go:

As you see in this model, the warm water of gulf of Mexico sends a huge amount of warm water up to the northeast Atlantic, that's what keeps England mild.( shown with red dots in the map )

And again as it shown with Blue dots, the cold water moves down to depths of ocean and comes back to the gulf of Mexico, A cycle that keeps everything as how it is now!

The reason of this cycle is the salty water of north Atlantic which allows the cycle to go round.

But the thing that global warming is doing, is melting the Greenland ices, so very huge amount of fresh water will take place of the salty water, the second thing, is melting of Syberia ices, which sends a huge mass of fresh water to the one of largest rivers of the world, which lead to north Atlantic, so from two strong sources, Fresh water will take take the place of the salty water, and what this do is this: the cycle of warm waters of gulf of Mexico and cold waters of Atlantic will cut, and so, the cold water of Atlantic moves south to reach UK shores, which will cause UK turn to an Ice land, and this thing will affect the whole world, the world becomes dryer and colder, the amount of rain in the jungles of central America will reduce by 40%, so the jungles will be destroyed and turn to grass covered lands, and as I said before UK and Scandinavian countries will freeze with blizzards and temperature -20 C. And the reason of all these is the global warming, which has already misdirected scientists.
And the last important thing is that records shows that the amount of salt in the north Atlantic waters has dropped to1/4 of what it was in 1960, and this is a very fast change which is getting faster, so with some calculation we see that this thing, may happen not in 50 years, but in just 20 years. A very sudden change of climate, which is not a new thing cause it happened ages ago, scientists find that from Ice layers of north pole and mud layers from depths of the ocean muds.
So a sudden change of climate is not a new thing,, it happened before and it's going to happen again.
In the end, I think instead of being worried about rise of water level which may disappear the whole UK under water, we must think of UK becoming an ice land in a few decades.
As Scientists say, there is nothing we can do about it...
So watch for an forthcoming Ice Age instead of warming, maybe in Just 20 years, and maybe very suddenly.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Symptoms of a new era or...?

Image Hosting by

Cloudy summers, are something strange and new for citizens of a city like Tehran.
Actually, the reason of this kind of summer may be two.
One: just a passing weak side effect from "El Nino" and "La Nina", which brought the humid air from indian ocean and arabian sea to north, and when the humid air hits the cold heights of Zagros And Alborz,it turns to cloud, and covers cities which are nearby, these clouds are protecting the land from sun, so summer turn cooler but more humid.

Two: the reason of clouds appearing is the as above, but it may be an effect from Global Weather Changing, if we count this as a true fact(which we have some good records to believe it!) we can watch for a new weather era for summers, and as this year, it's possible to see cyclone hitting southeast even. and why all these things happen? the reason is that sea surface temperature is higher(El Nino) or lower(La Nina) than normal, both these facts, have the potential to creat cyclones and Tropical storms in indian ocean and even sometimes in arabian sea(like cyclone Gonu), when this happens, these system's after effects, covers more areas, so the humid air is strong enough to come to the dry lands of north(Arabia and Iran Deserts), this doesn;t mean that we are going to have this kind of summers from now in every year, but it means that the number of these kind summers is on rise.

I'm watching carefully to see if it's going to has effects on winters too or not.

in the map above, you can see the way of humid air coming from southeast to northwest with blue lines, and zagros and alborz mounts which make it becomes cloudy with red line.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Monsoon rains to heat southeast

Once again as you can see in this image a heavy monsoon storm ( not as strong as a tropical storm and more like a tropical depression ) is nearing southeast shore of Iran, heavy showers and flooding is possible mostly in southern Sistan-Balouchestan , Hormozgan & south of Kerman provinces.
Also there is slight chance of minor showers or thunderstorms in mountain nearby cities, like west to northwest to north and northeast.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thunderstorms for next 5 days

Latest researchs show that we will have an unusual weather for this time of year in next few days as yesterday, thunderstorms, some rain and high winds at least in Tehran in possible, (60% possibility), Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thunderstorms still

The last few storms from cyclone 03B are hitting southeast as marked with red lines.
And some thunderstorms are creating in the afternoon, evening and nighttime in center line of country, starting from east of Zagros mountains and south of Alborz mountains then covering more parts...,in northern line of the country (ardebil,guilan,mazandaran,golestan) because of reaching a clod front at there we gonna have cool and cloudy weather with showers around. I think we will have this situation at thursday too.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Southern storms will end, North and middle remains stormy

As you can see the tropical depression in the south is fading slowly, but the stormy condition will remain for north, middle, some parts of west, northeast and Tehran.
Those places that I have marked with blue line are places which in the afternoons creats clouds and will make thunderstorms.
the red line shows the a storm from this tropical depression, still there is chance of storm in southeast but slowly conditions will return to normal at there.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 7)

Clouds covered middle part of Iran from south to north, some major monsoon storms in south and some summer thunderstorms in north as what we had in Tehran today.The horizontal blue line that has added to this image shows the clouds production of alborz mountains which will make some wild weather for cities in south of it. the tropical storm is weakening to a tropical depression, as in moves northwest still. for next few hours there is chance of heavy storms for southeast and for Tehran there is chand of thunderstorms in next few days especially at evening time...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 6)

As I said in my last post ("as afternoon arrives because of better situation of air, these clouds will grow and maybe cause thunder storm and shower in west, center, and north to northeast...") this afternoon and evening we had thunderstorm and some semi heavy rain in Tehran and some other cities, it seems that these conditions will remain for next few days...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 5)

The Center of the tropical Cyclone that I've marked it with orange color moved northwest and is near to hit land, and it will hit land somewhere near Pakistan and Iran border line. aother storm from the cyclone isgoing to hit southeast of Iran that I've marked it with red line, The blue line shows th creation of cloud over the zagros mountains, and that blue fletcher shows us the way that the clouds which are production of mountains will move, this image is for about noon, as afternoon arrives because of better situation of air, these clouds will grow and maybe cause thunder storm and shower in west, center, and north to northeast...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 4)

Tropical storms reached south of Iran as they are moving westward or northwestward( Red Lines ). From the way that I marked with blue line the system in middle of country in getting stronger, as you can see now clouds covered middle parts and rain started in some cities. yet the most tropical storm which maybe the cyclone 03B itself, not reached Iran, it will be about tomorrow or the day after, so the most rainfall and storms I think yet is to come...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 3)

As I predicted at these last warning summer rain here started at tehran too.

8:40 Pm

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 2)

As you can see and I marked with red line, some front storm are coming this way to southeast of Iran, and as I marked with blue line, there clouds creating exactly on zagros mountains after the humid hit zagros. the center of storm, now is closer than before, I think in next two images will make things more clear for me.

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Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated)

As you can see in this newer image, the red line that shows front line of the first major storm from cyclone 03b moved west as predicted, and the cycle I was talking about that is going to be created in middle of iran and is marked with blue line is getting larger and covering more parts, I wonder what will happen if the southern storm will be mixed with the east moving mediterranean low pressure which will pas from north in next two days...,
Watch for more updates...

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Unusual weather warning for Iran

Another heavy monsoon rain for south after gonu cyclone, after these monsoon rains and cyclones coming upwards this year unusually, I think this new system carries too much humid with it self, from sea to land, and because of not being wicked when it hit land, so the wet air will come more upwards and will hit zagros mountains. now look at the photo, the red sign shows the way which the cyclone is moving,now a little more stronger than what you see around the red sign,after that, and after the wet air hitting zagros mountains it may become another circle moving system inside iran, sending clouds from, south to north, and maybe even from southwest, as you can see half way of the possible cycle with blue sign.
Rusult: Stormy with heavy rain for southeast, and maybe from tomorrow evening it will cover centeral parts moving towards north, so even it may reach somewhere as tehran, so do not be shocked if in next few days you saw thunderstorms or even heavy rain in deserted areas the supposed to be dry and hot as hell at this time of year.
I am waiting to see what's going to happen...

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Magnitude 5.9 jolted Qom - Iran

Monday, June 18, 2007 at 14:29:54 (UTC)
Magnitude: 5.9 Mn
34.478°N, 50.839°E
Depth: 42.3 km
Distances: 20 km (15 miles) SSW of Qom, Iran
90 km (55 miles) NW of Kashan, Iran
115 km (70 miles) ENE of Arak, Iran
145 km (90 miles) SSW of TEHRAN, Iran

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Magnitude 5.5 quake of Hokkaido Predicted

Yesterday's magnitude 5.5 quake of Hokkaido - Japan was Predicted as you can see it in the blog.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Kuril Islands and Hokkaido quakes count as predicted?!

Today a magnitude 5.1 quake happened in kuril islands and a magnitude 4.6 off coast of Hokkaido, Japan, which both are close to the place I marked in yesterday's post, so these maybe are from that cloud, or maybe an incoming quake is yet to come...

At work again, Off coast NE of Japan Possible EQ cloud

I'm Back at work once again, that absence was because of some personal problems.

Here you can see a Possible EQ cloud over off coast Northeast of Japan,
Possible EQ with magnitude of about 5M to 6M from 24 hours after appearance to 2 weeks after. the possible epicenter is off coast northwest of Japan as located on the image.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Chile Prediction and 4.6M quake of there

I predicted a quake for Chile, a 4.6M quake happend at that location that I highlighted on the Image of it, it was weaker than what I was predcited, so maybe that cloud was connected to this quake, and if it's like this then my prediction is correct but with a lower magnitude than what I predicted, but if it's not, then I can say still there is chance of another quake with the magnitude that I predicted for that location.

Indonesia EQ cloud

Location: Indonesia
Magnitude Prediction: over 5.5M (can be a large one)
Time Prediction: From 12 hours after appearing to 2 or 3 weeks after that.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chile EQ cloud

Location: Chile
Magnitude Prediction: between 5M to 6.3M
Time Prediction: from 12 hours after appering to 30 days after.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hokkaido prediction was correct

A 5.8M quake happened in eastern sea of Japan which is near western coast of Hokkaido, so my prediction is correct, but still there is chance of another quakes in the time range that I predicted.

Monday, December 12, 2005

5.7M of Russia was predicted

The 5.7M quake of Russia (southeast of Siberia) was predicted, It had distance to where EQ cloud appeared on that image which I posted, but I warned that east of Russia is under threat of quake.

Friday, December 09, 2005

North of Japan (Hokkaido) EQ cloud

Location: North of Japan (Hokkaido) Magnitude prediction: About 5.5M or stronger Time Prediction: From 12 hours after appearing to 21 days after Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Iraq EQ cloud

Location: Iraq
Magnitude Prediction: More than or equal to 4.5M.
Time Prediction: Between 12 hours after appearing to 30 days after.
 Posted by Picasa

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