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Kazakhstan quake prediction was correct

As I predicted a quake happened in eastern Kazakhstan with magnitude of 5.5M.(close to border with China - Xinjiang).so my prediction was 100% correct.

Archiving my site contents for easier access

From now and with good advise of Mr.shan mugasundaram I will archive of my past months posts(can find and be accessed in left bar of site),and from now in the main page you will find about last 2 month posts.It has done for better, easier and faster access to my site as now it contains too many images.

My west coast of Japan prediction was correct

I predicted on 22 of october a over 5M or over 5.5M quake in west coast of japan,
Today a 5.5M and a 6.1M quakes happened there.
Note(added on 24th): Locals of Japan measured this quake at 6.8Ms and China Seismology Bureau measured it at 7Ms, over 500 peple are killed or wounded.

West coast of Japan EQ cloud

In this image you can see EQ cloud over westcoast of Japan and off coast of it.So quake will happen there from now to two weeks after,the magnitude will be over 5M or 5.5M.

West of Iran or border and neighbour EQ cloud

In this one you can see EQ clouds over west of Iran and border with Iraq and east of Iraq.So quake will happen there from now to next three weeks or a month, magnitude will be over 5M.

Kazakhstan or border with xinjiang EQ cloud

Here is and EQ cloud over north and northeast of Kazakhstan,but it may happen on border with xinjiang, the magnitude will be around 5M and it will happen between next hours to 3 weeks after.

Japan and Philippines predictions was correct

On 16th and 17th of ocotber I predicted quakes one in off coast southeast of japan with magnitude of over 5.5M ,and another in north of Philippines islands.
Today a 5.6M quake happened in off coast southeast of japan(SE of honshu) and a 5.5M in north of philippines islands, so my predictions both was correct.

UNCERTAIN southeast of Iran EQ cloud

This kind of clouds are still uncertain for me because sometimes they caused quakes, sometimes not.but if this time it is EQ cloud so a quake will happen there with magnitude of about 5M in one month.

Quake in west of Iran

A 4.5M quake happened in northwest of Iran, it was predicted on 6th of has delay in comparing with normal time of my other predictions.

Semnan(Northeast of Iran) quake happened, 5.3M

On 6th of october I predicted a quake in semnan(northeast of Iran) with magnitude of over 5M, at yesterday morning a 5.3M quake happened there(garmsar in semnan provience),so that prediction was completely correct too.
Note: the prediction and EQ cloud of 6th of october was not the first time that I saw EQ cloud at that place.

S off coast of japan to N of philippines EQ cloud

It is the continue of my yesterday japan prediction, the EQ cloud is like the yesterday's. but now from south off coast of japan to north of philippines.
Still waiting for a large one in those areas.

Iraq - Iran border earthquake (predicted on ocotber 10)

Today a 5.3M quake happened in Iraq - Iran border(49KM west of Ilam), this one was predicted by me on 10 of october as Iraq uncertain with magnitude of about 5.

Pacific ocean(Close to W coast of CA) and N of Mexico or SW of USA

In this image you can see some EQ clouds over pacific ocean and close to west coast of CA, I guess there will be quake and most likely that epicenter will be on ocean.this will happen in a month with magnitude of about 5M.
Another one is in north of Mexico or in Arizona I think, but I am not sure about this one.
My 27 of september prediction for north of Califonia gulf was right, two days ago an over 4M quake happened there.

Northeast to south of Japan large EQ cloud

Chinese's experts predicted a very large EQ happen in next few days and it seems to be that it will be around Japan.At last tonight I think I found what I was looking for(hope that my mind didn't affected because of their prediction).
You can see a very large EQ cloud from northwest of japan to south.It shows a large and main fault activities there.So I can't say exactly which part of Japan,but it will be in those areas.So a quake will happen there in two weeks and magnitude will be over 5.5M and maybe it will be very larger(those experts predicted it will be about 7.5M or 8M).

Northwest or north of Iran EQ cloud (maybe the same as yesterday's)

Here is EQ cloud over northwest and north of Iran,maybe it is the same as my yesterday post(SE of turkey or NW of Iran), If it is different so quake is possible there in next three weeks or a month with magnitude of over or about 5M.

SE of Turkey or NW of Iran EQ cloud

In this image you can see an EQ cloud, maybe it is a sign for quake in southeast of Turkey or mayve in northwest of Iran because it is long shaped EQ cloud.So an about 5M quake will happen there in next thre weeks or a month.

Chile and Iran predictions were correct.

Two over 4M earthquakes happened in chile instead of one 5M, and an about 5M happened in argentina,where the EQ cloud is marked on my chile prediction and I thought that it is the same as chile's EQ cloud.
And on 20 of september I made a prediction for east of Iran, today a 4.4M quake happened in east of Iran(51km SW of Neyband).

My west of China and Kyrgyzistan prediction was exactly right

Yesterday I predicted an EQ on west of china and kyrgyzistan border region wiht magnitude of about 5M. Today a 5M quake happened exactly my prediction was exactly righ and excelent on three parameters of location,magnitude and time.
here is a link for more information about this quake that happened:

Close to west coast of Portugal EQ cloud

In this image you can see EQ cloud close towest coast of Portugal so a quake will happen there in next three weeks with magnitude over or equal to 4.5M.
I saw some uncertain EQ cloud over black sea too.

West of China and Kyrgyzistan border EQ cloud

You can see EQ cloud over west of China and I think it's border with Kyrgyzistan.
So quake will happen there in three weeks with magnitude of about 5M.

Uncertain Iraq EQ cloud

I am not sure that this is EQ cloud because of other clouds coverd it is not clear for me.But if it is then a about 5M EQ(or two over 4M) will happen there in three weeks.

A 5.8M quake shaked Golestan on North of Iran, (was predicted as uncertain)

At 1:16AM a 5.8M quake(said Tehran university,5.6Msaid usgs and emsc-csem,6M said Iranian seismology research center) shaked west of Gonbadkavos in Golestan provience on north of Iran and border of Turkministan.This one was predicted as an uncertain prediction on 20 of september.

Northern Chile EQ cloud

In This Image you can see EQ cloud both not exactly over north of chile, but it means to me that an over 5M or over 5.5M EQ will happen in northern Chile in next three weeks.

Another large quake in south of Iran

Few hours ago another quake shaked south of Iran,the quake was 5.4M and the epicenter was north of Hormozgan provience(close to Ziaratgah-e Shah Cheragh and dowlat abad).The EQ clouds of this quake was the same as yesterdays(the one which I marked with question mark on my prediction).

My Japan prediction was correct

Today many quakes happened in Japan region but one of them that was 4.8M was exactly on that place that I marked on map on 3rd of october.So my prediction was all correct in three parameters of location magnitude and time.

Iran shaked in different parts,My predictions was correct

Today two quakes shaked southeast of Iran, One 5.2M in Kerman Provience(Southeast of Deltard, Northeast of Sabzevaran, Southwest of Bam) and another 4.9M ans souther than this one near coast of Oman sea.I predicted both of these but not I was not certain about second on 30 of september and you can see it on site.(second one has some error in magnitude but the first one is all correct.)
Last night another quake shaked northwest of Iran on West Azarbaijan provience(on Naqade and near to Mahabad.)The magnitude was 4.6M.and this one may have conncetion to EQ clouds that I posted on 6 of september.

Some chance on South of California and southeast of Iceland

Also There is chance of quake in southeast of Iceland and south of california and mexico border in next weeks

Northeast of Iran EQ cloud(Semnan)

In this one you can see EQ cloud over northeast of Iran (semnan), it's not the first ime that I see EQ clouds there, I have no Idea about if this clouds appear because of that region weather and mountains.but if it is an EQ cloud magnitude will be over 5M and will happen in a month.

Between South Korea and China EQ cloud

In this image you can see an EQ cloud somewhere between south of South Korea and east of china on the sea as I marked. magnitude will be around 5 and it will happen in three weeks.

My southwest of Greece prediction was exactly right

As I predicted on 28 of september and you can see it on site, I predicted an EQ for southwest of greece and I marked the epicenter on map it was on sea(IONIAN SEA) and I predicted that it will be around 5M and it will happen in three weeks. Today a 5M quake shaked exactly that place that I told in predicted time, magnitude and location, so it was all correct.

close to South coast of Japan EQ cloud

Here you can see EQ cloud close to south coast of japan.So Two between 4.5M and 5M quakes or one over 5M quake will happen there in next two weeks.
(The Image has a little large size, so click on it to enlarge.)