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Chile Prediction and 4.6M quake of there

I predicted a quake for Chile, a 4.6M quake happend at that location that I highlighted on the Image of it, it was weaker than what I was predcited, so maybe that cloud was connected to this quake, and if it's like this then my prediction is correct but with a lower magnitude than what I predicted, but if it's not, then I can say still there is chance of another quake with the magnitude that I predicted for that location.

Indonesia EQ cloud

Location: Indonesia
Magnitude Prediction: over 5.5M (can be a large one)
Time Prediction: From 12 hours after appearing to 2 or 3 weeks after that.

Chile EQ cloud

Location: Chile
Magnitude Prediction: between 5M to 6.3M
Time Prediction: from 12 hours after appering to 30 days after.

Hokkaido prediction was correct

A 5.8M quake happened in eastern sea of Japan which is near western coast of Hokkaido, so my prediction is correct, but still there is chance of another quakes in the time range that I predicted.

5.7M of Russia was predicted

The 5.7M quake of Russia (southeast of Siberia) was predicted, It had distance to where EQ cloud appeared on that image which I posted, but I warned that east of Russia is under threat of quake.

North of Japan (Hokkaido) EQ cloud

Location: North of Japan (Hokkaido) Magnitude prediction: About 5.5M or stronger Time Prediction: From 12 hours after appearing to 21 days after

Iraq EQ cloud

Location: Iraq
Magnitude Prediction: More than or equal to 4.5M.
Time Prediction: Between 12 hours after appearing to 30 days after.

The 6.1M quake of Kyushu, Japan was exactly predicted

Today's 6.1M quake of Kyushu, Japan was predicted by me as a quake in south of Japan, Kyushu is in south of Japan and if you take a look of the image in my prediction the EQ cloud is exactly above the epicenter, so the prediction was 100% correct.

A prediction for a strong quake in Iran

Due to prediction of one of my friends,E.D.G, a strong quake will happen probably in Iran somewhere near city of Qom, it maybe important for many because it's very close to Tehran,I must say again that THIS PREDICTION IS NOT MINE.

East of Russia is under threat of quake too

As I talked with some other researchers yesterday, I strongly believe that an incoming major quake in Japan or East of Russia is on its way, today a 6.4M quake happend in Japan, but here is an alarm for East of Russia too, although this cloud which you see in this image, is uncertain, but it's an alarm, so in next 30 days, there is chance of another major quake in Eastern Russia too.

My prediction for Japan was correct

A few hours ago, a 6.4M quake shaked near eastcoast of Honshu-Japan, as you see below, I predicted this quake about three days ago.