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East of russia EQ exact-(with some error in location)

I predicted an EQ for east of russia but at that time I didn't said exactly where as east of russia cantains a huge part,the reason was not enough informations. anyway today a 5.5 quake happend on east part of russia on the ocean,140 km (90 miles) to SE of Severo-Kuril'sk, Kuril Islands, Russia.the depth was 47.5 KM.

California Earthquake - My prediciton

In the news you can hear that scientists has predicted an earthquake for south of california desert on 5 of september with 6.4M. I was worked on it, My prediction is a little difeerent with them.My prediction is for a little norther than what they said because as you can sea the EQ cloud tha appeared is over santa cruz, gilory and...(around). But I dont say that the epicenter will be there, because I think the Eq cloud appeared norther than epicenter because the possible reason that can move EQ cloud far to the epicenter. also i dont that the epicenter will be as south as they said.I think the quake will be more closer to BAKERSFIELD or cities around it.And about time i must say, saying that the quake exactley will happen on 5th of september may not be 100% accurate. I say between 3 to 6 of september.And the quake will be more than 6M to 6.8M.
If I could catch more informations I will post later.
NOTE: Enlarge first Image for seeing the marked place.(You can enlarge all images by clicki…

West of China EQ exact

As i predicted a quake happend in west of china, with power of 4.6M.

northeast of japan EQ exact

A 4.1M quake shaked northeast of japan today, but because of the magnitude there will be another one I think.

Two other EQ clouds

On today satellite images i saw Eq clouds on northwest or west of China and North of Iran, so there is chance of quakes in those places from now to maximum three months.the China one will be stronger

New predictions

I can see EQ clouds over North-east of India, south of madagascar on the ocean, North-east of japan or may be on the ocean and indonesia between (07S 114E) & (12S 120E), so I predict Eearthquake in those places in next few days or weeks.
And I am not sure about center of Iran.

south of Portugal EQ exact

I told that small quake will happen in south of spain or portugal, after a small one happend on south of spain sea and between spain and Morocco another small one happend in south of portugal with 3.8M.

Uncertain about Tehran

As I said yestreday there are some signs for tehran but I'm not certain about is an uncertain EQ cloud of tehran.I will talk about it later


West of philipins and south of Iceland have chance of quakes in next days and east of Russia and north or northeast of Ukrain in next weeks.

East of japan, Tibbet, south of spain quakes all exact

Now I can say my accuracy in predictions is more than 80%.
As I predicted a small quake happend in sputh of spain but in the sea with 3.6M, and a 4.5 Quake happend in east of Japan on Honshu sea and the tibbet-nepal Quake that I predicted happend with 5.5M but with some error in location, It happend on 330KM north of Lhasa, Tibbet.

Some activation on north and west faults of Tehran

Now I can see some signs of activation on north and west fualts of tehran, and a 4.1M quake shaked ghazvin yesterday.Look for more informatin about this later but if we want to make the situation of tehran into three parts, white, yellow and red now it is yellow.

Two EQ predictions

I predict two earthquakes, one in south of spain or potugal but not a large one. another on east coast of japan, in next few days or weeks.

Saudi arabia peninsular EQ exact, with some error in location

Saudi arabia peninsular EQ exact but with some error in location,The 4.8M happend in south of Arab peninsular, which I predicted on southwest of it, but as I said many times,the epicenter may have a little error.The epicenter was in Owen fracture zone with depth of 10KM.

Northeast EQ exact,(4.9M)-100% correct

As I predicted on 7/29/2004 on this site about a quake in northeasts(northwest of khorasan or turkmenistan and caspian sea) today morning in 3:32 AM a 4.9M quake shaked northwest of khorasan and border of Iran-Turkmenistan(north of Ashkhane in Iran). So my prediction was 100% correct, and it happend 22 days after my prediction and i said that the max time for happening is three months but normal is 30 days in long time predicitons. The depth of quake was 33KM.

EQ prediction for saudi arabia or red sea

I saw EQ clouds over saudi arabia and red sea, So its a chance of quake there in next few weeks.

4.6M quake in southwest

A 4.6M quake shaked south west in 110KM to shiraz and around masjed soleyman i think, its depth was 10KM.

Caspian see EQ exact,prediction for southeast or pakistan

Caspian see EQ that i predicted exact but very small,3.8M, so there will be another one, near beach of turkamanistan. I saw EQ clouds ,the quake will be in southeast of iran or pakistan, or souther over indian sea,because there are many but from one fualt. Today a 3.7M EQ happened in southwest of iran.

quakes in damavand and saveh

Damavand 2.9M and Saveh 3.0M quakes shaked those parts yesterday, these two are impotant, I'll talk about them later.

Earthquake prediction for north of india or its border

Another earthquake will hit north of India or its border with Tibet or Nepal on himalaya mountains in next few days or weaks.the quake will be upto 4.5M.I has a chance of 50% so it has a lower chance than Pakistan prediction.

***My prediction for Pakistan was perfect

My prediction for a quake over pakistan was perfect.I was working on it for a few days but yesterday informations made me sure to predict it.Today a 5.3M quake shaked pakistan at 10:48:39 Am with depth of just 11Km.So my new way of prediction plus the EQ clouds way was 100% successful in its first try.

Earthquake prediction for pakistan or border

In next few day or weeks there will be an earthquake on Pakistan,or it's border with Iran. I saw EQ clouds there and another reason is my new way of prediction that I will tell you more about it later.

4.6 M earthquake shaked Faryab(august,10,2004)

A 4.6 M quake with depth of just 7KM shaked northwest of faryab(160km N,NE of Bandar Abbas) today early hours exactly at 2:31:6 AM said international institute of earthquake engineering and seismology.USGS said it was 4.8 with depth of 25KM.There is a chance of 50% to happening another one in that area beacuase the clouds that has sawn there before the quake was appeared again.

Another EQ cloud(s)

Here you can sea one or more EQ clouds covered some parts in the east,northeast and center of Iran. after those that i showed you last time, it can be a sign that my prediction is correct.there are to many and it may show that there are many active fualts.Now I'm more sure about it.I will sned more messeges about this later.


As you can see in yhis photo here is another EQ CLOUD over semnan, it is not the first time in this last months that i see those clouds over there,and as you can see on Dr.Shou site some people and radio said that in semnan they saw strange springs with sulfur smell, and it is a sign too. I can say that we will have an Earhtquake there but the time of it is unknown and I dont know how much strong it will be but it will not a small quake,And about time I will tell you later.I must say again that I cant tell where the center of quake(epicenter) will be bot it will be near too semnan province.
In this photo we can see another unnormal clouds over caspian sea again, I'm not sure about it but may be we have some other active fualts there too.we will talk about this later.