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Magnitude 9.0 , Fourth largest since 1900, more than 10,000 killed

With magnitude fixed to 9.0M this 4th largest quake since 1900, more than 10,000 killed and they say this number will rise to more than 15,000.ten thousands of people injured,most victims were in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia.there are many lost and still there is no news from them.

More than 7,000 killed, more than 10,000 injured, Numbers are rising

More than 7,000 killed and this number is rising, more than 10,000 injured, most of deaths and injured were because of massive waves after the quake and rising water.2000 of deaths were in Indian coast, about 1500 in Indonesia and Thailand.

8.9 Richter, Largest quake since 1964 - Fifth since 1900

As USGS reported, this quake which it's magnitude has corrected to amazing number of 8.9 degrees in richter scale, is the largest quake since 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska earthquake, and the fifth since 1900.
Death toll rised to more than thousand of people, many missed at Thailand sea, many Islands covered by water, Malidives is covered by water, three children killed as massive waves happened.

Latest News about number of deaths

As latest reports at least 500 killed in southern Sri Lanka, 74 in southern India, 100 in South of India Islands, hundreds in may other places, and also many dead feared. Maldices is flooded after quakes too, no reports from damages recieved.
More news will be post.

Breaking News: Another deathroll in december

With a 8.5M quake happened in off coast west of Sumatra and a 7.3M quake in Nicobar Islands and a 6.5M in southern Bangladesh another deathroll happened in december(last year about 40,000 people killed in Bam - Iran quake).With those quakes happened many injured and still there is not a exact number of killed and injured but it will be high, not many hours passes from the quake but untill now at least 9 people killed and thousand injured, buildings collapsed and telephone service disrupted at Banda Aceh. Buildings destroyed or damaged at Ko Lanta, Thailand by a tsunami. Tsunamis observed on the coasts of Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Thailand. Felt widely in northern Sumatra. Felt in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Water rised and many coasts and cities which are near seas are covering by water, rivers flooded and are disturbing many cities, one of most important and biggest Islands in south of Bangladesh is going under water. After those quakes abouth 10 over 5…

20 of december, 5.3M quake over east coast of Honshu, Japan

On 20 of december a 5.3M quake happened on east coast of Honshu,Japan, which was predicted by me but I missed it when it happened and I got it today,
So it was predicted.

West of Turkey prediction was correct

A 5.3M quake happened on west of Turkey which was predicted by me on 11 of december, and it was all correct in all parameters.

Uncertain south of Japan EQ cloud

Uncertain EQ clouds over south of Japan, so if it's EQ cloud, then a 5M or stronger quake will happen there in next 21 days.

South of Iran EQ cloud

Here you can see EQ clouds over south of Iran and maybe another ones in over south east. so a quake will happen there now, it will happen from now to next month, with magnitude of about 5M.

4.9M quake south of Japan, predicted?!

The 4.9M quake of south of Japan that happened a few days before can be one of my preditions for there with lower magnitude.but still we must wait.

West of Turkey and three more Mediterranean sea region quakes happened

A 4.3M quake shaked western of Tukey, so my prediction was correct except errors in magnitude which was +0.7M, although I must say that maybe other quakes will happen there.
And three more quakes happened in Mediterranean sea regions with magnitude of 4.8M, 4.5M and 4.1M.

Off shore east of Japan EQ clouds continue...

The third time in few days that I see EQ cloud at there, this time a little norther. so my prediction for a over 5M quake there in next 14 days is getting more certain.

Western Turkey EQ cloud

Here is an EQ cloud over western turkey or may be two, another on west of black sea. so quakes is possible there from now to next three weeks and a month maybe. the magnitude will be about 5M.

Uncertain NW,N of Iran EQ cloud

Here is an uncertain EQ cloud over northwest and north of Iran, if true, then a about 5M quake will happen there from now to aone month after.

The Albenia quake was 4.5M, so my prediction was correct at all

The quake of Albenia that I told it was 4.3M , has corrected by USGS and it was 4.5M, so my prediction was 100% correct.

Mediterranean regions( Albania ) and east of Tukey (with delay) predictions happened

The quake that I predicted for Mediterranean sea regions yesterday, happened today in Albania with magnitude of 4.3M, it was weaker than 4.5 to 5.5 that I predicted so maybe another one will happen.
And my east of Turkey predictions happened with delay and lower magnitude so still there is chance of stronger one there too.

Another off coast East or SE of Japan EQ cloud

Here is another EQ cloud this time more far from coast of east and south east of Japan, so an over 5M quake will happen there from now to two weeks after.

Uncertain for off coast south of Japan, Ukraine, Mediterranean regions and Pakistan

All places that I said in the title are under threat of quake, but with an uncertain prediction.magnitude for off coast south of Japan is over 5M, for Ukraine about 5M, for Mediterranean area between 4.5M to 5.5M and for pakistan about 5 or 5.5M. photos will be attached later if they happened, because they are uncertain.

Today's 5.0M quake in south of Iran was predicted

Today a 5.0M quake happened in south of Iran(17km SW of Kahnuj, 148km NE of Bandar Abbas) was predicted by me, but still it's too soon to tell it was for which of my predictions because I predicted more than one and still we got time see if others happen, although this one was predicted.

South of Kazakhstan or borders EQ cloud

Here you can see EQ cloud over south of Kazakhstan or one of it's southern borders. A quake about 5.5M will happen thre from now to three weeks.

East of Japan( or off coast ) EQ cloud

Here you can see an EQ cloud over east of Japan or off coast there. so a over 5M or 5.5M quake will happen there between now and two weeks after.

My North of Philippines and Morocco predictions was correct

Sorry for delay, about two weeks ago my prediction for Philippines happened that I missed it. And three days ago a 5.1M quake shaked north of Morocco which was predicted by me.

My Kyrgyzstan - China border region prediction was right

On 9 and 12 of november I predicted quakes in Kyrgyzystan - China border. yesterday a 5.2M and a 5.1M quakes happened there, my prediction was correct.

ALERT: Great quake in Iran is on the way...

I had contacts with Mr.Shan mugasundaram, Indian earthquake researcher and predictor (with sunshine), and we both agreed that a huge quake will shake Iran in next few days.we use two different methods and we both predicted this so the chance is high. Suspicious places are west,southwest,northern center and southeast.
here is the predictions of Mr.Shan mugasundaram:
So I alert anyone who cares on those places to do what they must do before a quake like putting an earthquake bag with useful things on it around themselves.
I hope that not another disaster like the last year of bam happens and I hope that my prediction goes wrong. Although I must say that still there is chance of failure of my prediction, but I put 70% chance of happening on it. the quake will be between 5M or 5.5M to 6.5M or 7M. so wish that a little one happens!