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Off east coast of Honshu EQ cloud

Here we have an EQ cloud over off east coast of Honshu - Japan. there will be a quake with magnitude of about 5.5M or more in next two or three weeks.

Kyushu 5.3M quake was predicted

Yesterday's 5.3M quake of Kyushu, Japan was predicted by me in the site but it happened with a little delay. so my prediction was correct with a little error in timing.

4.6M quake of Hokkaido, Japan was predicted

The 4.6M quake in Hokkaido,Japan that happen on 16th of this month was predicted in this site by me.

5.6M quake of Bolivia was predicted

The yesterday 5.6M quake of Bloivia was exactly on that place that I send it's satellite and told that it will happen in Chile or Argentina, because of some errors in locating the country, and also it was only 145km far from a city in Chile, and as I said it was exactly on the same place that I highlighted in my satellite image.and after the 4.6M quake of Aregentina that I said is connected to that prediction, I mentioned that there is still chance of happening another(with details that I noted in my pmain prediction post).So my prediction was absolutely correct.

4.6M of Argentina was predicted

Today's 4.6M quake of Jujuy,Argentina was predicted in my last post, there is still chance of more quakes at that area.

Chile or Argentina EQ cloud

This is two parted EQ cloud one over Chile and one over Argentina, but it's from one fault so it will happen only in one of them, the quake will be about 5M or stronger and it will happen during next three weeks or next 30 days.

Black Sea uncertain EQ cloud

This is an uncertain EQ cloud over Black sea, this is a long one so this warning include all countries which are around black sea, such as Turkey,Romania,Macedonia and...., presumably the quake will be over 5M and it may happen from now to three weeks after.

Eastern half of Iran is under threat of quake

There were some suspicious clouds over eastern half of Iran yesterday, they are uncertain but I must say that eastern half of Iran from north to east is under threat of 5m or stronger quake, maybe there will be two over 4M quakes,the chance in northern and central parts are higher due to over 3M quake of last few days over there.

Iran 4.1M and 4.5M quakes was predicted

I predicted over 5M quake for Iran, but as I said before sometime two over 4M happens instead as one over 5M and this may happen for other magnitudes,
also I do not deny chance of over 5M quake still because time of prediction is still remaining and maybe these two are for other EQ clouds which are missed.

Honshu 5.3M was predicted

Today's 5.3M near east coast of honshu was predicted by me, maybe it was for eq cloud which I predicted about three weeks ago and it happened with delay and maybe it was connected to the one that I predicted for Kyushu(because of low distance between them).a little more time will show us the answer.

Southwest of Iran EQ cloud

Below you can see an EQ cloud ver southwest of Iran, so a around 5M quake will happen there in next three weeks from now.

Hokkaido - Japan EQ cloud

This one is an EQ cloud over Hokkaido - Japan, so an over 5.5M or 6M quake will happen there in next two weeks.