California Earthquake - My prediciton

In the news you can hear that scientists has predicted an earthquake for south of california desert on 5 of september with 6.4M. I was worked on it, My prediction is a little difeerent with them.My prediction is for a little norther than what they said because as you can sea the EQ cloud tha appeared is over santa cruz, gilory and...(around). But I dont say that the epicenter will be there, because I think the Eq cloud appeared norther than epicenter because the possible reason that can move EQ cloud far to the epicenter. also i dont that the epicenter will be as south as they said.I think the quake will be more closer to BAKERSFIELD or cities around it.And about time i must say, saying that the quake exactley will happen on 5th of september may not be 100% accurate. I say between 3 to 6 of september.And the quake will be more than 6M to 6.8M.
If I could catch more informations I will post later.
NOTE: Enlarge first Image for seeing the marked place.(You can enlarge all images by clicking on it.)


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