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Morocco,near west coast of Canada and southeast of Iran EQ clouds

In first image you can see EQ cloud over morocco, quake will happen in three weeks with magnitude between near 5.
In the second one you can see EQ clouds close to west coast of Canada, on the ocean.quake is possible there in two or three weeks the magnitude will be over 5.
In the last image you can see EQ clouds over southeast of Iran near border.the quake will be over 5 or near 5 and will happen maximum in one month.another one that I marked with a question mark is because that I am not sure about it but if it is an EQ cloud it is a long time prediction even for two months and around 5.5M. the more accurate news about this one will be published soon.

East coast of japan EQ prediction happened

As I predicted yesterday, quakes happened in east coast of japan,two quakes, one 4.5M and another one 4.9M. so my prediction was corret.

At last California quake happened

After many EQ clouds appeared over california today a large quake ( 6M ) happened in central california, the epicenter was more close to what that I predicted than the American scientists predicted(you can read my california prediction report to find it out).Hope that this quake didn't kill anybody.

prediction for east coast of Japan

In this one you can see EQ clouds on east coast of japan, quake will happen in two weeks and magnitude will be between 4 and 5. another EQ cloud is on the right of it that I marked , on that place there is chance of quake too.

Prediction for atlantic ocean (near west coast of morocco)

Hear you can see an EQ cloud on atlantic ocean near west coast of morocco.the time is normal three weeks and magnitude will be between 4.5 and 5.5.

Prediction for Mediterranean Sea

You can see in the images that there are EQ clouds on Mediterranean Sea, one near southwest of greece and another one near lybia or quake is possible there in three weeks.magnitude of the first one( greece ) will be around 5M but the other one I think will be larger.

My last preditions results, turkey predictions was all correct

I told that there are still EQ clouds and pre-quakes in california, now I found that there is a straight contact between pre quakes in southern california and larger quakes souther on california gulf and mexico.I will tell more abput this after compeleting my study on the prediction had fault in location and it happened souther than where I told. My west of turkey prediction happened exactly one week after predictions with one 4M and one 4.3M quakes. My east of turkey predition happend yesterday.A 4.3M quake after 20 days of my prediction so it was correct becuase it happened in last days of my usual three weeks maximum.On that square that I created for Iran another quake happened, a 4M quake on Firuzkooh(northeast of Tehran).

Mexico-California border region(pacific ocean)

In this image you can see EQ clouds on pacific ocean(about mexico and california border region) but because of weather condition of that place maybe these EQ clouds is for active faults of north of california gulf so this place is under threat of quake too. It is an over 5M EQ cloud or two over 4M.It will happen in three weeks maximum.

Iran - New EQ Clouds

In This image you can see some uncertain EQ clouds and some certain, those that I marked on the image is for certain but there are some on north of Iran and some on Iran-Turkministan Border and Turkministan, and Pakistan.Due to Weather changing and rain in those parts those maybe just cloud raising because those parts are all around high mountains, so I say that I am uncertain for those parts.But on that part that I marked will be a high chance of quake from next days to three week or a month in usual conditions.That quake will be over 5M or two over 4M s.

Sorry for delay - California quakes

Sorry for not posting and updating site for a few days.I was so busy.
We got many over 4M quakes on california from north to south. Maybe it was many between 4M and 5M quakes instead as a large one that EQ clouds showed, but maybe these are pre-quakes.because I wasn't check Images and quakes I cant say exactly what will happen, I missed some informations in last few days.

California - Still EQ clouds and pre-quakes

Still EQ clouds appear in sky of California and again some pre-quakes started so chance of quake in next few days is again high there.

Turkey is under threat of quakes

Every parts of turkey from west to east is under threat od quake in next few days to a week.I told ablout EQ clouds on east of turkey and here you can see another one on west(north-west),also some pre-quakes happened in turkey.

West of Iran EQ exact

My prediction for west of Iran was correct and yesterday a 4.3M quake happened on west of Iran, Still no one told where the epicenter exactly was but if it was not exactly around the number 1 that I marked on the image of my last prediction,it was around it.Maybe there will be more quakes in those parts that I said before.

Iran EQ clouds - The Situation

In this image you can see 4 EQ clouds in 4 diffrent parts,this made prediction hard because maybe every of them has created by one active faults and moved to east, If this guess is right then the quake will be in W-NW of Iran but if not then The quake will happen in this Rhombus that you can see with white lines on the image.

East of turkey or neighbour and W-NW of Iran EQ clouds

You can see in the images that there are two EQ clouds, one over east of turkey or its neighbour(Armenia) and another on west and northwest of Iran, so quake is possible there and I think the turkey one will happen first.

Still EQ clouds on south of California

As you can see in these images there are EQ clouds on south of California and its border with Mexico.Today is 5th of september(on California time) and nothing happened yet but still there are some signs.

7.1M Of Honshu - 7.3M of Indonesia

I saw the 7.1M quake on near coast of Honshu EQ cloud but because of the lower quakes of there before this I thought that it happened and it was a mistake by me. the same is about indonesia but with some error in location.

Iran EQ cloud

As you can see here is something like EQ cloud on center of Iran(southern Zagros mountains) but it is very small and this made mistake for my prediction, but I think it is an EQ cloud. If so then a quake will happen, I think somewhere like Masjed Soleiman or close to it in two weeks.The magnitude will be near 5M I think and hope not more.

South of Iceland EQ happened.

As I predicted an EQ happened in south of iceland on the sea with 4.3M, I think another one with same power will happen.

Indonesia EQ exact

A 5.3M quake happend in Indonesia today, so my prediction was correct. USGS had some error in location information with their locals so I will wait for more correct info to say about location.

philippines EQ exact

Philippines EQ that I predicted happened today with 5.4M but with some error in location about between 2 to 5 degrees error on longitude.