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Southern storms will end, North and middle remains stormy

As you can see the tropical depression in the south is fading slowly, but the stormy condition will remain for north, middle, some parts of west, northeast and Tehran.
Those places that I have marked with blue line are places which in the afternoons creats clouds and will make thunderstorms.
the red line shows the a storm from this tropical depression, still there is chance of storm in southeast but slowly conditions will return to normal at there.

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 7)

Clouds covered middle part of Iran from south to north, some major monsoon storms in south and some summer thunderstorms in north as what we had in Tehran today.The horizontal blue line that has added to this image shows the clouds production of alborz mountains which will make some wild weather for cities in south of it. the tropical storm is weakening to a tropical depression, as in moves northwest still. for next few hours there is chance of heavy storms for southeast and for Tehran there is chand of thunderstorms in next few days especially at evening time...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 6)

As I said in my last post ("as afternoon arrives because of better situation of air, these clouds will grow and maybe cause thunder storm and shower in west, center, and north to northeast...") this afternoon and evening we had thunderstorm and some semi heavy rain in Tehran and some other cities, it seems that these conditions will remain for next few days...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 5)

The Center of the tropical Cyclone that I've marked it with orange color moved northwest and is near to hit land, and it will hit land somewhere near Pakistan and Iran border line. aother storm from the cyclone isgoing to hit southeast of Iran that I've marked it with red line, The blue line shows th creation of cloud over the zagros mountains, and that blue fletcher shows us the way that the clouds which are production of mountains will move, this image is for about noon, as afternoon arrives because of better situation of air, these clouds will grow and maybe cause thunder storm and shower in west, center, and north to northeast...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 4)

Tropical storms reached south of Iran as they are moving westward or northwestward( Red Lines ). From the way that I marked with blue line the system in middle of country in getting stronger, as you can see now clouds covered middle parts and rain started in some cities. yet the most tropical storm which maybe the cyclone 03B itself, not reached Iran, it will be about tomorrow or the day after, so the most rainfall and storms I think yet is to come...

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 3)

As I predicted at these last warning summer rain here started at tehran too.

8:40 Pm

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated 2)

As you can see and I marked with red line, some front storm are coming this way to southeast of Iran, and as I marked with blue line, there clouds creating exactly on zagros mountains after the humid hit zagros. the center of storm, now is closer than before, I think in next two images will make things more clear for me.

Unusual weather warning for Iran (Updated)

As you can see in this newer image, the red line that shows front line of the first major storm from cyclone 03b moved west as predicted, and the cycle I was talking about that is going to be created in middle of iran and is marked with blue line is getting larger and covering more parts, I wonder what will happen if the southern storm will be mixed with the east moving mediterranean low pressure which will pas from north in next two days...,
Watch for more updates...

Unusual weather warning for Iran

Another heavy monsoon rain for south after gonu cyclone, after these monsoon rains and cyclones coming upwards this year unusually, I think this new system carries too much humid with it self, from sea to land, and because of not being wicked when it hit land, so the wet air will come more upwards and will hit zagros mountains. now look at the photo, the red sign shows the way which the cyclone is moving,now a little more stronger than what you see around the red sign,after that, and after the wet air hitting zagros mountains it may become another circle moving system inside iran, sending clouds from, south to north, and maybe even from southwest, as you can see half way of the possible cycle with blue sign.
Rusult: Stormy with heavy rain for southeast, and maybe from tomorrow evening it will cover centeral parts moving towards north, so even it may reach somewhere as tehran, so do not be shocked if in next few days you saw thunderstorms or even heavy rain in deserted areas the suppos…

Magnitude 5.9 jolted Qom - Iran

Monday, June 18, 2007 at 14:29:54 (UTC)
Magnitude: 5.9 Mn
Epicenter: 34.478°N, 50.839°E
Depth: 42.3 km
Distances: 20 km (15 miles) SSW of Qom, Iran
90 km (55 miles) NW of Kashan, Iran
115 km (70 miles) ENE of Arak, Iran
145 km (90 miles) SSW of TEHRAN, Iran