Alert for Iran

One of my friends who predict earthquake by sunshine, and I introdiced him to you before, predicted a quake for Iran, it mostly has the chance to happen in some area close to Zarand, Kerman. the magnitude predicted between 6 to 7M which is destroyer. (R.Shanmugasundaram )


Anonymous said…

I just came across your site a few days ago. I have not examined it yet. I have a valid comment about Mr R. Shanmugasundaram and his forecasts.

I dont know what methods he uses to define his likely "windows" but he is even more accurate than he realises.

Mr R. Shanmugasundaram does not equate his methods with other forms of natural phenomenon such as major storms that occur in the regions with which he deals.

Several momentous typhoons have occurred in the time frames he has given. Notably when he has been uncertain of the scope of the earthquake but also during periods he has considered his methods failed.

If you use a globe and a pair of dividers (compasses) to mark out a circle with the centre at his site and the radius as the distance to his predicted site, you will find other phenomena along this arc that also fit his times of predictions.
Weatherlawyer said…
I have a valid comment about Mr R. Shanmugasundaram and his forecasts.

This should have read:

I have a comment about Mr R. Shanmugasundaram that validates his forecasts.


I came across as anonymous in the first post because the default changed when I previewed that post.

You might want to mention that to the site managers.

S.G.E is not my home page by the way but an international bulletin board set up for discussing earthquakes.

You aught to pop in and lurk for a bit.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comments posted as well as for appreciation.

Infact focusing one area i.e. quake prediction and getting it result itself is
a tough job. Lack of time and infrastructure facility at present, I am unable
to move further. Moreover if I deviate my concentration like typhoons and other
areas than quake prediction I doubt whether I will reach my destination in time.

Good idea of circling an area and watching the devastation over the same place
in the determined period. But it has to fulfill my basic needs and infrastructure
facility. Anyway, will consider your valuable suggestion in future.

I have already post my observations in a leading prediction forum and getting
appreciation and support.

My special thanks to Amir to receive such good interaction through his website.


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