Honshu 5.3M was predicted

Today's 5.3M near east coast of honshu was predicted by me, maybe it was for eq cloud which I predicted about three weeks ago and it happened with delay and maybe it was connected to the one that I predicted for Kyushu(because of low distance between them).a little more time will show us the answer.


Anonymous said…
Dear sir
Mr Amirebrahimi
I am very pleased of visit your good and useful site.
I am geologist of tehran university and in three last months i started to translate some of Mr shou,s and Mr R - karl's and Mr Berkland's articles and publish it in my internal magazin in IWPCO.
I will be so glad if i can find your articles too .
Mohammad Komijani
I will be glad if we continue or maybe it's better to say start our communication in email, would you please send me an email or leave your email address here for me,
I have some questions from you.

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