ALERT: Great quake in Iran is on the way...

I had contacts with Mr.Shan mugasundaram, Indian earthquake researcher and predictor (with sunshine), and we both agreed that a huge quake will shake Iran in next few days.we use two different methods and we both predicted this so the chance is high. Suspicious places are west,southwest,northern center and southeast.
here is the predictions of Mr.Shan mugasundaram:
So I alert anyone who cares on those places to do what they must do before a quake like putting an earthquake bag with useful things on it around themselves.
I hope that not another disaster like the last year of bam happens and I hope that my prediction goes wrong. Although I must say that still there is chance of failure of my prediction, but I put 70% chance of happening on it. the quake will be between 5M or 5.5M to 6.5M or 7M. so wish that a little one happens!


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