Unusual weather warning for Iran

Another heavy monsoon rain for south after gonu cyclone, after these monsoon rains and cyclones coming upwards this year unusually, I think this new system carries too much humid with it self, from sea to land, and because of not being wicked when it hit land, so the wet air will come more upwards and will hit zagros mountains. now look at the photo, the red sign shows the way which the cyclone is moving,now a little more stronger than what you see around the red sign,after that, and after the wet air hitting zagros mountains it may become another circle moving system inside iran, sending clouds from, south to north, and maybe even from southwest, as you can see half way of the possible cycle with blue sign.
Rusult: Stormy with heavy rain for southeast, and maybe from tomorrow evening it will cover centeral parts moving towards north, so even it may reach somewhere as tehran, so do not be shocked if in next few days you saw thunderstorms or even heavy rain in deserted areas the supposed to be dry and hot as hell at this time of year.
I am waiting to see what's going to happen...


Weather is changing all across the globe. It is a high time that we take steps to stop global warming otherwise it will lead the world to verge of destruction.

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